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Thursday, February 19, 2015

NangAntap Baca Komik First Release at Amazon App Store

NangAntap Baca Komik


NangAntap Baca Komik introduced a new way to appreciate the collection of all your favorite Komik HK in each gadget. With this you can read the komik-komik pahlawan and a flashback to the days of strange wisdom such as Tinju Ketenangan Dan Ketenteraman Abadi. With this you can self read your favorite stories anywhere. Updated continuously.


• Read Komik HK collection in bahasa melayu online.
• Discover the stories of your favorite hero.
• Can be accessed anywhere.
• Simple and light reading application and airy.
• Start news pull to resfresh
• Swipe left and right while in reading mode
• Offline data supported to ease the experience.
• Social Network sharing features, share your reading status with your firends.
• Expand and update database to cover more libraries
• Enhance graphics and menu interfaces
NangAntap Baca Komik V1.3.0

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