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Monday, March 2, 2015

New PS2 Emulator coming soon

roor, a well known emulator developer for AdriPSX & DuoS DSEmu give a heads up on his new PS2 emulator. No name yet, he let you all give it name. This is what he said:

I'm Roor, I hope someone remembers me... I made some emulators some time ago: AdriPSX, DuoS DSEmu, and some others that surely no one knows.
Anyway, since middle 2014 I begun refactoring my old PS2 Emu project; and now it runs games and plays with an acceptable degree of performance.
I was planning on renaming it, right now it is just generic "ps2emu" (tentatively "Connectix Ps2emu").
Features so far:
- Good compatibility, plays most (but not all) commercial games from ISOs.
- HLE Based. It doesn't require a BIOS.
- Doesn't use any plugin at all.
- Small footprint : it's only 1.2Mb in total.
- Requires CPU with SSE2 support.
- Requires DirectX 9 with shader 2.0 support.
- Supports MemoryCard files, but no SaveStates.
- Has SD (original res) and HD (high res) modes, for enhanced graphics.
- Runs fairly well on Intel I5, Windows 8, without external GPU which I use for tests.
I plan to do a limited release (for testers only) by next Monday.
Please write to, if interested.

Sound good to fullfill my bored time. Hopefully it goes open source just like pcsx2 and Play!



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