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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

7.2 Conclusion

In this thesis, the TCP/IP was used on top of delay tolerant network fundamentals where store and forward operation perform by data synchronization at each mail server. This approach enables the email flow through the offline mail server to infomediary device and then to the online mail server and internet. The user registration page is implemented at online mail server and accessible from online mail server local area network or from the internet. The email data can remain in the mail server more than one week time delay until it synchronized with infomediary device. Limitation size of the offline email system file attachment is 10MB and total email message is 50MB. This limitation is depending on the size storage of the server computer. All types of data supported for uploading an attachment and system administrator can block various file extension such as bat, cmd, com, cpl, csh, exe, inf, lnk, msi, msp, reg, scf and scr from being uploaded as an email attachment. Multiple sender and receiver can send and receive emails simultaneously and supporting multiple communications between users successfully. Based on calculation, the maximum recommended speed of infomediary device movement through the Wi-Fi range of the server computer is 12.85 km/hr or less and depend on the hardware specifications such as Wi-Fi data transfer rate and storage read and write speed. This offline email system fulfills the objective of this thesis work where the system can be used at the area that has no internet connection such as rural area. This offline email system implementation based on DTN approach can be used for other web application such as blogging.


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