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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

6.9 Discussion of Results

The test result shows that user were able to register a new email account locally at online mail server or through internet. Email account created at online mail server is accessible at the offline mail server, online mail server and through internet after mail data synchronization between infomediary device and each mail server. Email system found to be successfully functional to send or receive email through the offline mail server, online mail server and internet. Pending email data is tested for a period of time and found to be able remains in the database and not discarded. Wireless LAN range between server computer access point and infomediary device for it to establish mail data synchronization is 95 Meters or less with a data rate transfer is 54 Mbps which is 54 megabits per second equal to 6.75 MBps which is 6.75 megabytes per second and limited by infomediary device storage write speed which is 2.03 Mbps. The recommended infomediary device move speed through the Wi-Fi range of the server computer is 3.57 m/s equal to 12.85 km/h or less to ensure the mail data synchronization is completed successfully. The maximum size of an email attachment is 10MB with total message size limit is 50MB. It is also recommended to limit the size to lower 10MB to prevent spam attack and viruses. Each email account size quota is set to 250MB. It is dependable on the server computer hard drive storage size. All tested emails are successfully sent and receive within the mail server email size limitation. This offline email system can upload any types of file and have the ability to block attachments with certain extensions on the mail server. Number of email connections is unlimited. It can send or receive emails multiple times without worrying of the mail data overwritten on the mail server database.


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