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Thursday, January 8, 2015

6.3 Delay Test

           Minutes between every retry setting defines how many minutes mail servers should wait before every retry delivering emails to other servers. The default value is 60 minutes. As explained in chapter 4.2, this offline email system queue delay period was set by the email system administrator where the email data can be kept in temporary storage for a maximum period of 2147483647 minutes equal to 1491308 days. This offline email system delay time was set to 30 minutes. The email data will remain and not discarded for 30 minutes until a next retry. When every email was sent successfully from the sender to the receiver in the delay period range of time, its mean the mail data are remaining stored in mail server and synchronization is successfully performed.

           Number of retries setting defines the number of times mail server should try to deliver an email when the deliveries failed. Email failed to deliver when the receiving mail server such as Gmail cannot be reached or the network is not available. The default value of number of retries setting is 4 retries. This means hMailServer will try a total of 5 times before giving up and returning an error message to the sender. The maximum value is 2147483647 retries. This offline email system number of retries was set to maximum 2147483647. This means that the email data is kept in the database for 30 minutes until next retries and repeated until maximum 2147483647 retries. The email data will only discard when the maximum retries value which is 2147483647 is exceeded. Delay period test performed for sending email with delay 60 minutes, 1440 minutes and 10080 minutes.


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