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Sunday, January 4, 2015

6.1.3 Test result

            The registration page is only accessible from LAN which connected to online mail server or through internet. Characters such as "? * |  \ / < >" does not supported in creating an email account. Figure 6.2 shows new account registration test result through internet at webmail address which is by following the register button, filling in the anti spam security code and setup the username and password for the new email. The same procedure also performed on the local online mail server at the local webmail address which is
New account registration test result
New account registration test result

Figure 6.2: New account registration test result

            Database synchronization application on the online server computer is synchronizing the mail database into infomediary device and transferring it to the offline server computer. All the new email accounts which are created in this test such as,, and was tested on the offline environment network. All emails are successfully login, working and listed in the mail server administrator pages. Test result is produced by actual conduct test.


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