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Saturday, December 27, 2014

5.4.5 Mail Client

5.4.5 Mail Client

         Roundcubemail version 0.7.2 served as Mail Client application for an offline mail client and an online mail client. Mail Client is a mail user agent (MUA). It is a web application used to access and manage the email. The application file extracted into respective location and the folder renamed into “pemail”. In this thesis work, the location is:


         Mail Client installation performed by entering the URL: http://localhost/pemail/installer into the web browser. The configuration for both offline mail client and online mail client should be the same for the database synchronization purpose where the product_name, syslog_id and the database name is pemail, the database server is localhost and the database username and password configured accordingly for administrator access. IMAP Settings for offline mail client configured where the IP address of the offline server computer which is was used as a default host address. This IP address is accessible only in LAN. IMAP common port which is 143 was set for default port with username domain is “” which is used for email address. SMTP settings for offline mail client configured where the IP address of the offline server computer also used for the SMTP Server address. SMTP common port is 25.  The current IMAP username and password was used for SMTP authentication. This option can be configured under SMTP settings.

         SMTP settings for online mail client configured where the domain name of the online server computer which is “” was used for the SMTP Server address. This domain is accessible through internet. SMTP common port is 25. The current IMAP username and password also used for SMTP authentication and configured under SMTP settings.

         When the configuration is completely configured, this mail client configuration is saved through “create config” button where it will create two configuration files which are “” and “”. This configuration files transferred into a mail client application folder such as: 


         The configuration can be tested through “Test config” button. The configuration is correct and working when everything was remark with “OK”. Then the “installer” folder can be removed from mail client application folder.

         The files “.htaccess” in temp, logs and config folder which located in mail client folder “C:\PEmailOffline\UniServer\www\pemail” need to be configured to enable access of this Mail Client. This can be done by commenting next two lines in “. htaccess” files as shown in Table 5.8 by adding “#”.

#Order allow,deny
#Deny from all

Table 5.8: Enable Mail Client External Access Script

         New user registration page only required on online mail server to avoid database synchronization conflict between offline mail system and online mail system. Configuration for online mail client is the same as for the offline mail client except that online mail client includes the “new user registration” page. Plugins “roundcube-0.7.2-bundle-v.1.0” required for enabling “new user registration” page. The plugins can be found at The required plugin files which are bundle register, taskbar and captcha plugins were transferred into email plugins folder which is located at “C:\PEmailOnline\UniServer\www\pemail\plugins”. New plugins were enabled in an active plugins configuration file at “C:\PEmailOnline\UniServer\www\pemail\config” by editing “/config/” file and append new plugin names into configuration directive as shown in Table 5.9.

// ----------------------------------
// ----------------------------------
// List of active plugins (in plugins/ directory)
$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('taskbar','register','captcha');

Table 5.9: Enable New User Registration Page Script

Then, taskbar plugin “/plugins/taskbar/” file can be activated by renaming into “/plugins/taskbar/”, captcha plugin “/plugins/captcha/” file can be activated by renaming into “/plugins/captcha/” and register plugin “/plugins/register/” file can be activated by renaming into “/plugins/register/”. HMailServer SQL database driver name to be used in registering new users is “'hmail_sql_db_4402” and need to be set by editing file “/plugins/register/” as shown in Table 5.10.

/* driver */
$rcmail_config['register_driver'] = 'hmail_sql_db_4402';

Table 5.10: hMailServer SQL Database driver name setting

Default domain name and other domains are “” and set up as shown in Table 5.11.

$rcmail_config['webadddoms']['default'][] = "";

Table 5.11: Domain name setting


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