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Thursday, December 11, 2014

4.4 Application and Network Topology

Figure 4.2 shows the offline email system architecture. Each Wi-Fi access point uses a star topology. Each node connected by using a mobility device which is called infomediary device. There is only one online mail server needed and offline mail server can be more than one for each rural village. Offline mail server and online mail server have the same required software installed which is Uniform ServerhMailServerroundcube and FreeFilesync. Infomediary device has Samba File sharing installed to enable the data transfer from each node. Online mail server configured to be able to connect to the internet and accessible from the internet. This is the transit point for this offline email system to be able to send or receive email from internet email such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Figure 4.2: Offline Email System Architecture

This offline email system is using TM Streamyx Dynamic 1 MBps Internet Service Provider (ISP) with conjunction with DtDNS service. Dynamic IP is used by Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that one external IP address can be assigned to several users. ISP's use Sticky Dynamic IP Addressing and do not change the external IP address very often and only change the external IP address as ISP deem it necessary. DtDNS service used to enable the system to be accessible from the internet without worrying about frequently change of external IP address.


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