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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Netbeans IDE With Sencha Touch

1) Requirements:

i) Download the Netbeans IDE (I use the latest version 8):

ii) Download the latest Sencha plugin from here:

iii) Download the Sencha Touch library from here(I use latest touch-2.4.1, rename it as touch):

2) Create new project

Choose New>Java Web>Web Application. Press the Next button. Name the app “SenchaApp”. Choose the project location. Press the Next button.

Select Tomcat as the servers and click the Finish button.

3) Prepare Sencha App Structure

i) Inside web folder, create the app folder, views folder, models folder, controllers folder in NetBeans to add your javascript files into.

ii) Add previously download "touch" folder into web folder.

4) Add sencha library

i) Right click on the SenchaApp application and select Properties from the drop down menu

ii) Under the Libraries menu, choose “Add Libraries” and from the window that opens click “Create…”

iii) Name the Library “Sencha_Touch” and choose “Class Library” from the drop down.

iv) Under the “Classpath” tab, click on “Add JAR/Folder” and select the “touch” folder previously downloaded.

v) Click “OK” and choose the newly created “Sencha_Touch” library.

create an app.js file in the app folder. Type Ext followed by a “.” — If the steps above were followed correctly, the code completion should work.

5) Code/create your sencha touch application

6) Run Application

Hit Run.

Your application should start in the default browser with the url : localhost:8084/SenchaApp/



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