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Sunday, November 30, 2014

2.5 Similar Works

 Bytewalla 5 is a delay tolerant network on Android phones. This project uses android phones with delay-tolerant networking to connect African rural villages. The idea is that the android mobile phone will store and carry data from villages to cities. In the village, the data will be downloaded to android mobile phone from a Wi-Fi access point for example in a telecentre with no internet connectivity. When in the city, the Android phone will connect to another Wi-Fi access point and upload the data. This "data mule" operation will enable emails downloaded at the village to be delivered in the city.

The Bytewalla 5 approaches are the same as this thesis project, the difference is the data transfer in Bytewalla 5 being done by the DTN application on android phone while this thesis project data transfer being done by file synchronization application on a server computer. The details comparison is discussed in chapter 4.4 and illustrated in Table 4.2. Bytewalla 5 and this thesis project similarly use android phone as a data mule. This data mule has no Bundle Protocol layer implemented since Bytewalla 5 and this thesis project only use android phone as Bundle Protocol carriers. The bundle data for Bytewalla 5 is stored in one single file while this thesis project bundle data is the exact copy of data from the server with no alteration. Bytewalla 5 uses Ubuntu 8.04 for its DTN Server and this thesis project use Windows XP for its DTN Server. Bytewalla 5 follows very closely the design of DTN2, the DTN reference implementation written in C++ by the DTNRG while this thesis project only follows the concept of store and forward in DTN and applied it in TCP/IP using a suitable application for its email application.


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