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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tutorial NangAntapTu Mobile App iOS sideload

Installation Only Can Be Done on the Computer/MacOS:

No Jailbreak required!
Apple Account Needed!
Create Apple Account:

1) Download/Install itunes

Note: Run itunes, plug in your iPhone/iPad,
make sure detected and everything working fine.

2) Download Cydia Impactor

Extract the zip file

3) Download fail *.ipa 

4) Run Cydia Impactor(Impactor.exe)

5) Plug in your iPhone/iPad to computer/MacOS

Note: Make Sure your iPhone/iPad listed in Cydia Impactor
Wait for the driver finish installed.

6) Drag & Drop fail *.ipa to Cydia Impactor

7) Key in your Apple ID

Make sure account is working

Then choose your account in select list

Can ignore 'GeneratingApplicationMap'

App already installed successfully on your home menu.
Done, can test the app.


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