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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nucleus: New PS3 Emulator

Afer rpcs3 which now able to boot first coomercial game, now we have another newcomer in PS3 scene called Nucleus.

This project focuses on PlayStation 3 emulation. Please, understand that I'm not interested on providing support, releases, or attention to any comments, issues or pull requests for now.


Memory: Nucleus emulates the PS3 user-mode environment, which uses 32-bit addresses. This reflects on the CPU / Memory related code, and could cause issues if you use it for other platforms, or for designing a low-level PS3 emulator.
Portability: Nucleus assumes that the host system runs on a low endian CPU, with 64-bit addresses.

Nucleus Git Changelog:

* Reorganizing detected platforms/compilers
* Added LLVM dependency and a new language



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