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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

5.4.4 Mail Server

            Offline mail server and online mail server should use the same configuration. This is to enable mail data synchronization where both mail servers should share the same content and configuration for data synchronization purposes. HMailServer version 4.4.4 being used as mail server application. HMailServer installed to respective location as “Full installation” with Server and Administrative tool component included. A database server is an external database which is a new hMailServer database created on MySQL Server and running on Uniserver. The database server address is “localhost” and TCP Port is 3306. The database name for this offline email system is “pemail” and should be the same for both offline server computer and online server computer. HMailServer security password configured accordingly. The created database location is:

The domain name for this offline email system is which can be configured accordingly at hMailServer Administrator welcome pages. A public host name also configured as “” under Settings -> Protocols -> SMTP, Delivery of e-mail tab. SMTP relayer setting depends on ISP either port 25 is open or not. If port 25 is open, a free SMTP relayer can be used such as “ 25”. Since 03 November 2008, TM Streamyx was blocking outgoing port 25 [28]. TM had suggested using the configuration for SMTP relayer as “”.

The port can be tested by running the command: telnet 25 and the result should a success connection as in Figure 5.2. The offline mail server is not needed to use suggested SMTP relayer setting, but it is recommended to use the same configuration since whenever the offline mail server connected to the internet, the offline email system can communicate directly without the need of infomediary device.

Figure 5.2: TMnet SMTP relayer.


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